Stressed, Overwhelmed During COVID-19?

Let's talk:)

I am offering free, 20-minute laser coaching sessions to the WifeMotherLeader Community during COVID-19.  Whether you want to talk about juggling working @ home with kids and a spouse, or how you can try to get some form of self-care, to thinking about your parents, I am here. 

Yes, I want a Free Coaching Session!

Can This Really Help?  I already don't have enough time to get things done. 

Look, no one has the "right" answer right now.  We are all doing the best we can given our circumstances, family dynamics, and time/money/work constraints.  I won't have an "answer" for you. 

But, I do help people with work-life challenges every day.  I did work from home for over 5 years before returning to an office.  And, my husband and I are currently juggling two jobs, 3 kids and other responsibilities.  

Are you struggling to juggle "homeschooling" and getting work done? 

Do you feel like you and your spouse are not on the same page? 

Are you frustrated about your work "productivity"? 

If looking for actionable strategies to help you during this time, let's talk.  I love helping people.  I will give you my very best advice, strategies and resources. 

No cost. 

No strings. 

It's my way to serve others during this time.  


You Don't Have to Figure This Out Alone.  

COVID-19 has shown all of us that we don't have the answers and that we are vulnerable.   Things are changing every day and most of use are trying to survive the day.   I can't take away your challenges, but I can help you navigate them with a flexible plan and tools.  

Yes, I am ready to talk!