A Coach Was My Secret Weapon in 2021

career coaching leadership Jan 18, 2022

I’ve had more crucial conversations at work in this one year than I’ve had in my entire career.  Part of that is because I lead a team and have a leadership role within my department.  Part of it is because I lead with my values so I can’t sit by and not speak up, no matter who might not want to hear it. 

And, maybe most importantly, I have worked with a coach this year who has helped me clarify the type of leader I want to show up as AND helped me to navigate the nuances, personalities, and culture of where I work.  And, as a black woman, navigating those things is exhausting, opaque and riddled with potential land mines.

Tune in to this week's podcast to learn about my journey with coaching and why I intend to have a coach moving forward in my career. 



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