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Practical Home Organizing With Bianca Baader

In this week's episode, I interview Bianca Baader of Haus Pixie Organizing and Staging

My confession is that while I was always organized in school (and now at work), I was/am messy at home (mainly clothes and papers).  It's now limited to my own bedroom and not the rest of our house, but it's still a struggle for me.  

Then, if you throw 1) kids, 2) a tendency to hold on to things too long (think pack-rat, not a hoarder) and 3) a Boston-sized apartment you'll appreciate my challenges!   

So, a bit over a year ago, I hired Bianca to help me get my sh&t together before starting my new job.   It was a great experience!  I remember Bianca helping me to determine what I needed to get rid of without judgment, but with some tough questions and push-back again my instinct to hold onto things I didn't need or use. 

And, what took things over the top for me is that we actually took the items to the Goodwill for donation. ...

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