Life Design with Lauren Lambrecht

In today's interview, I talk with coach Lauren Lambrecht of Verve Leadership

Lauren is a coach who specializes in life design and transition coaching. Lauren’s clients have successfully navigated major life transitions, including identifying and landing their dream job, acclimating to leadership roles, passing professional certification exams, and rejuvenating relationships with partners, family members, and themselves. 

After you listen to the episode, you can get a free session with Lauren.  Learn more

In our conversation we discuss: 

  • The biggest mistakes people, particularly women, making as we navigate our careers? 

  • What is career and/or life design? 

  • How does one actually design their career?  What parts of one’s work is actually “designable”?

  • What if you face resistance from your spouse/partner

  • What if you face resistance at work? 

You'll even hear Lauren giving me some live-on-air coaching!  
Lauren also shares about her upcoming Creating Space Retreat!



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