Should You Quit Your Job?

We’ve all heard the numbers about the Great Resignation.  But, the real question is should YOU leave your job? What questions do you need to ask yourself to know if there is any hope where you are, if you should move to a new organization or if you should take a break from work altogether?   Tune in to this episode to walk through each path to help determine your next move.

    • 1st question: 
      • Do you want to keep your job?  Do you like the work, the people, the organization?  In other words, is what you have worth fighting for? 
      • IF the answer is no, then you are on the path to finding a new job, organization or stepping back. 
    • If you want to keep your job
      • Grocery delivery
      • House cleaner
      • Help with remote school
      • Therapy or coaching?
      • Assistant for you? 
      • Can you flex?
        • Have you talked with your manager? Real talk
        • Can you modify your role? 
        • What will you be sacrificing? 
        • Are you already splitting with your spouse? 
        • Is there any way to get additional help
  • Path 2: Finding a new job
      • What are you looking for in a new role or organization that you don’t have now? 
      • Are you looking for a step up and/or promotion from where you are now? 
      • Are you looking to reduce or decrease any responsibilities
      • Do you have the bandwidth and capacity to look for a job while still performing in your current role? 
      • Who in your network can you reach out to in order to connect
      • What has your networking looked like? Is there something you can start doing do prepare you to look successfully? 
      • Are there any other skills that you want from your current job before you leave? 
  • Path 3: Stepping back/taking time off
    • Many folks, especially women are experiencing burnout.  If you feel that that best path for you right now is to take a step back and maybe stop working, then let’s talk about what that might look like. 
    • Some might have you try and diagnose yourself.   You could try, but the real question is whether or not you are engaged, feeling exhausted (not just tired or needed some extra sleep), are you disinterested or don’t even care any more.  Has something fundamentally changed for you?  If so, then you may be experiencing burnout. 
    • Now, I will be the first to tell you to protect your mental health and take a break if you need it.  However, there are some very practical things that you must consider if you are going to leave your job and/or forgo income that you or your family need. 
    • Talk with your spouse.  Ask what they’ve seen/noticed in you. 
    • Take a look at your budget.  Is it feasible to take time off?



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