12 Lessons from 12 Years of Marriage: Lessons 7-9 (Part 2)

lessons marriage vulnerable Jan 10, 2019

(drawing credit: Steven Green)

In this series (4 episodes) I am sharing key lessons that I wish I had known when we first got married as well as some lessons that can only be learned along the way to building a healthy and strong and vibrant marriage.

If you didn't listen to Part 1, with lessons 10-12, check it out here:

  • Lesson 12: Change Yourself.  Don't try to change your husband. 
  • Lesson 11: Being vulnerable helps you be understood
  • Lesson 10: Cheerleading is a skill you must learn

In Part 2, I focus on the next 3 key lessons: 

  • Lesson 9: You have to advocate for yourself.
  • Lesson 8: Kids are a gift from God, but shouldn’t be the center of your entire world
  • Lesson 7: My interests are my interests and so are yours

Tune into the episode to hear specific examples for each of these lessons and learn how you might apply them to your own marriage.

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