Helping Parents Connect with One Another: Interview with Rebecca Xiong

Lonliness.  Isolation.   It's one of the most difficult parts of the parenting journey.

Rebecca Xiong is a serial entrepreneur, wife, and mother.   Originally from China, she is passionate about helping parents connect with each other.   Rebecca built an app called Yana that helps parents connect locally.  They can ask each other questions, share about events and classes, and plans meet-ups. 


My conversation with Rebecca is funny, thought-provoking and super practical.  She's a mom of 2 who is balancing her career and family while helping others do the same. 

Listen in as Rebecca shares why she rejected perfectionism parenting and has embraced "good enough" parenting.  She'll share the 3 research-based things that she focuses on as a parent. 

  • Rebeccas Origin Story: 1:30
  • How raising a family in the US is different from her childhood: 5:30
  • The Challenges she kept hearing from parents: 6:45
  • How Rebecca finds connection for herself while also helping other connect, especially immigrant parents: 11:00
  • What is Yana and how does it create community?: 16:10
  • How the fear of judgement impacts parents: 20:24
  • Good enough parenting: 21:40
  • 3 Most important things in parenting: 22:20
  • Why appreciation is important to her family: 28:30
  • What Rebecca wishes she had know before becoming a parent: 33:49

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