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Helping Parents Connect with One Another: Interview with Rebecca Xiong

Lonliness.  Isolation.   It's one of the most difficult parts of the parenting journey.

Rebecca Xiong is a serial entrepreneur, wife, and mother.   Originally from China, she is passionate about helping parents connect with each other.   Rebecca built an app called Yana that helps parents connect locally.  They can ask each other questions, share about events and classes, and plans meet-ups. 


My conversation with Rebecca is funny, thought-provoking and super practical.  She's a mom of 2 who is balancing her career and family while helping others do the same. 

Listen in as Rebecca shares why she rejected perfectionism parenting and has embraced "good enough" parenting.  She'll share the 3 research-based things that she focuses on as a parent. 

  • Rebeccas Origin Story: 1:30
  • How raising a family in the US is different from her childhood: 5:30
  • The Challenges she kept hearing from parents: 6:45
  • How Rebecca finds...
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Practical Home Organizing With Bianca Baader

In this week's episode, I interview Bianca Baader of Haus Pixie Organizing and Staging

My confession is that while I was always organized in school (and now at work), I was/am messy at home (mainly clothes and papers).  It's now limited to my own bedroom and not the rest of our house, but it's still a struggle for me.  

Then, if you throw 1) kids, 2) a tendency to hold on to things too long (think pack-rat, not a hoarder) and 3) a Boston-sized apartment you'll appreciate my challenges!   

So, a bit over a year ago, I hired Bianca to help me get my sh&t together before starting my new job.   It was a great experience!  I remember Bianca helping me to determine what I needed to get rid of without judgment, but with some tough questions and push-back again my instinct to hold onto things I didn't need or use. 

And, what took things over the top for me is that we actually took the items to the Goodwill for donation. ...

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A Post-Mother's Day Note of Encouragement

Mother's Day is a wonderful day, but it can also be emotionally exhausting.   Whether you are just thinking about becoming a mom, you are pregnant and nervous about the type of mother you'll be, or you are deep in the struggle, I wanted to share just a few words of encouragement today. 

My hope for you is to be encouraged when you feel like you are not enough, joyful when you are sad and frustrated, hopeful when you feel exhausted, and cherished even the "thank yous" seem non-existent.

You are doing your best.  You are not alone.

As you go through your week, please remember: 

  1. Mother’s still have to mother on Mother's Day!   Even with all the celebration, there are people still counting on you, still asking you for things and still expecting you to meet their needs.  Tomorrow is just Monday, so what are you doing the rest of the days to make parenting sustainable?
  2. Motherhood is a sacred role, but it doesn’t have to be your...
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Reviewing My Progress on 2019 Goals: A 90 Day Check-In

In today’s show, I am taking inventory of the first 3 months of 2019.   This year, I want to make a habit of checking in with myself every 90 days (quarterly) to see how I am tracking against the goals that I set for myself for the year.

I set goals in multiple areas of life: Spiritual, Financial, Health, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Development, and Relationships.

I'll review each area briefly, starting with my PUSH Goal.  This is a concept I learned from Michael Hyatt in a goal-setting course.  A push goal isn't necessarily your most important goal, but it is the goal that will have the biggest impact if you can achieve it.  It can start a domino effect to help you achieve your other goals. 

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  1. PUSH Goals:  Plan meals each week and track food daily
    1. What is going well:
      1. Planning Meals!  
      2. I did meet with a registered dietitian and that has superseded the tracking goals, in that it’s taking a long time to get my...
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Work on Yourself To Improve Your Parenting: A Conversation with Ruth Freeman

parenting self-care Mar 20, 2019


It's exhausting.

When they're little, the exhaustion is primarily physical. 

As they get older, it shifts from physically to emotionally challenging. 

We want to love them and teach them.  We want them to cooperate, listen, and learn so that they become empowered, self-aware people. 

Most of the time spent parenting focuses on our kids and what they need to do or learn or how they need to behave and respond to life.   

Today's guest challenges that idea.   Ruth Freeman, a parenting coaching at Peace at Home Parenting and licensed social worker with over 3 decades of experience working with parents and kids, says that parents need to spend more time on their own thoughts and behaviors.   How we raise our kids is a direct product of our own upbringing, fears, expectations, and societal norms.  

That isn't a criticism.  It's an observation. Understanding it can help you identify what...

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What Self-Love Demands of You

Hopefully, you've recovered from the onslaught of "love" from Valentine's Day.   Flowers, candy, and romantic love were everywhere.   But, once the day was over (and maybe during it), did you truly feel love? 

What did you say to yourself on February 13th or on February 15th? 

In this episode,  I’ll share 5 things about self-love that are critical if you want to have peace and joy, even if your life is busy and chaotic right now:

  • How self-love is different from self-care
  • Self-love requires you to talk differently  
  • Self-love demands that you advocate for yourself
  • Self-love teaches you to forgive yourself
  • Why self-love matters to you, your marriage and your kids

If you're pressed for time, you can get a summary below, but the full explanation is in the podcast.


1. How self-love is different

Get a massage.  Get a manicure.  Get a babysitter and take yourself out.   Those are all great...

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