Hope and Fear in a New Year

coping fear god health hope Feb 28, 2021

Welcome back!  It's been a while (nearly 5 months if you're counting) since I released an episode of this podcast. 

I could give you a litany of reasons like my new role at work, juggling in-person and remote schooling (even with help), but I'll just say COVID.  You understand.   It's touched everyone, in different ways certainly, but I don't think anyone is unscathed at this point. 

It would feel inauthentic to dive right into a new episode or topic without acknowledging the grief and loss of 2020.  So, in this episode, I do just that.  I am sharing about the fears and anxieties I personally dealt with in 2020.  And, I share about what I am hopeful for in 2021.    


If you're curious or need a preview (I get it, your time is valuable), here are a few things I talk about: 

  • Fears
    • Health 
    • Financial Goals
    • My own goals/plan
  • Hope
    • Vaccine/COVID-19 relief
    • Speaking truth
    • Leading
    • My new job/role
    • My faith



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