Setting an Intention for the Year

 I love goal setting and planning.  I’ve shared on this podcast in years past my goal setting process and areas. I have goals for this year but in this episode I am focused on my intentions for 2022.  Tune in to learn about the difference between a goal and an intention and how you can utilize both to become the person you want to be.  This is about WHO you want to be in the world, not about what you want to achieve.


  • Why a mantra, intention or phrase?
    • Motivating
    • Personal
    • Accountability for yourself
    • Not tied to an achievement 
  • How is it different than a goal? 
    • Goal is often about specific achievement (saving money, working out, getting a new job, spending time with people you love, reading  a certain number of books)
    • Mantra or intention is about WHO you want to be, not what you want to achieve.  If your mantra is Empathy–you want to be someone who shows up to situations and people with empathy
    • If your word is Self-care–you want to focus on putting yourself first. 
  • Can you have both? 
    • Yes, you can.  I won’t say if you should or shouldn’t.  That depends on your situation.  I would recommend having both because they serve different purposes. 
    • If I am walking into a situation, meeting or interaction, my intention for the year might help me. 
    • If I have an hour free to do something I am going to think about my goals
    • When I get up in the morning, read my bible and think about how I want to show up in the world that day, I am focused on my intention. 

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