Communication and Grace in Marriage During COVID-19

Marriage takes work even in the best of times.  But, marriage during a pandemic must also take on stress response, tight quarters, no alone time, financial challenges, etc. 

Sharing the load of childcare, trying to keep working, and the stress of what we are experiencing collectively in our national and world is going to expose the cracks in your relationship. 

One article I read talks about how those cracks can become a fracture. 

In today’s episode, I share how those cracks can be an opportunity to strengthen your relationship by putting in some “reps” on relationship muscles that will serve you well beyond this experience. 

Today’s episode focuses on communication, grace and giving the benefit of the doubt. 

  • Communication
    • Finding time to connect each day, and not just about chores, kids, etc. 
    • Sharing challenges or grievances without blaming
    • Don’t rush to solve things in a single conversation
    • Speaking up when you need something
    • Examples
  • Grace
    • What we are experiencing requires us to show grace to ourselves and to each other
    • Definition of grace  
    • Examples
  • Benefit of the doubt
    • Building trust
    • De-centering ourselves
    • Seeking to understand 

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