Mom's Night Away--My Secret Self-Care Weapon

Have you ever imagined leaving your family for a night so you could get a break? A full nights rest, maybe some time to think without interruption or just a freaking bath?

In today's episode, I share details on how I regularly take a night away from my family in order to re-charge.  This isn't a "luxury".  It's actually become part of my self-care routine.   I try to get away about once every 3-4 months, or 2-3 times per year.  

It all started with my husband asking me what I wanted for my birthday a few years ago.  I decided to be totally transparent and my answer was: "I need a break."  

He ran with the idea, booked me a hotel night and said "you go, I got the rest."  It was amazing and we decided to keep doing it, especially given how much he travels. 

In this episode, you'll Learn:

  1. Why taking time to recharge is important and why it's different than just getting a break for a few hours.
  2. How do you actually get away (how long, where, how frequently)?
  3. What the heck do you do when you finally do get some time to yourself? (Hint--remember that stuff you used to do before you had kids)
  4. What objections are going to pop into your mind and tell you that this is not possible? Money, time, your family needs you, your husband wouldn't be supportive, you don't deserve it, etc. (WRONG!)
  5. Bonus--learn how Donielle plans to take this to the next level.



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