Practical Ways to Get Some Relief in Your Home Life

We’ve been in this pandemic for nearly two years.  Life still feels locked down/restricted and yet the work continues. Schools are back in session, but at any time your child could come for days or weeks either with COVID or with an exposure.  In this episode let’s talk about practical ways for you to get some relief: meal prep, house cleaning, laundry, kids, mental health and physical health.



  • Household management:
    • Meals
      • Try out meal prep batching on weekends or freezer meals
      • If your budget allows
        • Meal delivery Service
        • Designate a specific eating out day.  Thursday, Sunday, whatever
        • Hire someone to prep meals for you
      • Store pre-cooked chicken
      • Crockpot or instant pot
      • Have older kids learn to cook
    • House Cleaner
      • You can set the cadence, once a month, twice a month, every week.  Finance something that fits your budget
    • Outsource laundry
  • Kids
    • Kid swap
      • Would your kids’ best friend’s parents be willing to have them over a couple of hours on a Saturday?  Then, the next time you swap? 
    • Use backup care if you feel comfortable
    • Strategically use screen time
  • Personal / Mental Health
    • Get a therapist
    • Use your time off at work
      • Mental health day 
      • Vacation in smaller chunks
    • At home exercise
      • Bike (stations, Peloton, etc.)
      • Treadmill
      • Subscribe to an app with workouts
      • Personal trainer at the gym

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