6 Ways to Support Your Immune System with Rene Kennedy

In this episode, health coach and fitness expert Rene Kennedy shares 6 tips for supporting your immune system during COVID-19 and all the time.   Rene also shares her journey from being someone who was always health conscious and active, even studying exercise science in school, to working in healthcare technology.  A layoff soon after her first son was born led to pursuing her passion for helping people achieve better health. 

Rene first talks about how the immune system works.  Then, she shares tips that are practical, with specific examples to help you incorporate them, even during the COVID-19 lockdown. 


About your immune system: 10:55

Circulation and lymphatic flow:  13:40

Sleep 19:07

Nutrition: 24:09

Stress: 26:59

Herbs and supplements: 33:57

Cleanliness: 38:30

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Listen to the end to learn about the contest Rene and I are running to give away 3 health coaching or virtual personal training sessions!  



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