Resilience in the Midst of Chaos with Laura McDonald

“I had an inner strength that I didn't know was there”--Laura McDonald

Are you going through a challenging time in your life right now?  Do things feel chaotic and overwhelming? Don’t lose hope. You’re stronger than you know.  And, with the support of those who love you,  this chaotic moment can become a turning point for this season of your life. 

In today’s podcast episode, I interview Laura McDonald, who, along with her husband, experienced a life-changing moment that completely transformed their lives.   During our interview, Laura shares candidly about her challenges, what she had to learn about herself, and how she looks back on this time now that she has some distance. 

Here are a few key takeaways from our conversation: 

  • There will be moments in your life that test your inner strength 
  • Everyone has a story.  Remember that when you are interacting with people. 
  • No matter what happens to you, your outlook that you take is your choice.
  • Life can be chaotic, but don’t let the chaos define you.  Don’t label yourself negatively.
  • Get help from your family, friends and community.  Life is not meant to be done alone
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, break things down into small steps.  Focus on one day at a time.  
  • It’s ok to grieve, whether it’s a loss or traumatic event or just a path that you thought your life would take.  You don’t have to just keep going and getting things done and “be strong”.
  • How her faith and family has helped her process this situation

You can learn more about Laura and what she does now at Impressions Marketing and Events



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