Stop Feeling Guilty About Taking a Vacation!

Did you feel any anxiety as you checked your calendar to plan your family vacation?

Did you ask yourself if you should even be going?

What about that big project, client, case or customer?

Did you ask around on your team to see how much vacation other people were taking so you could benchmark?

In today’s podcast episode, I am going to challenge you to rethink vacation and why you should take a vacation.

If you are somebody who takes vacation and doesn't think about work at all and you have no issues saying “I need to take these five days off for vacation”, then feel free to pass on this episode.

But if you have ever had hesitation, a little bit of anxiety (or even stress)  around actually taking a vacation and what the implications are of that for your work, then tune in for the episode because I'm going to walk you through a different way to think about vacation and why it's important for you to take it.

My premise here is that taking a vacation reminds you and, more importantly, reminds your boss and colleagues of the value that you bring to the organization.


Reasons why you should take a vacation:

  1. [2:00] The time is yours. Nobody gave it to you, you earned it as part of your agreement to work for the organization that you work for.
  2. [2:30] Unplugging from your work and from technology helps to recharge your mind and your body.  There is plenty of research to back this up, but you already know instinctively.
  3. [3:47] You can get a fresh perspective and new ideas ideas.
  4. [4:00] Most importantly, you get to spend time with the people that you love (your family, your friends, yourself!) to reconnect and deepen relationships.
  5. [4:35--Bonus]  Why you should consider taking a separate vacation without kids

Why a vacation is good for your career:

  1. [6:41] Your boss and teammates see how much you do and appreciate you more.
  2. [6:52] Do not let how much you do for your job/team/boss PREVENT you from going on vacation.
  3. [9:15] Vacation gives you an opportunity to document and delegate.
  4. [10:58] You have time to think about your work and your career more strategically.
  5. [13:10] Vacation can help your work relationships. 

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