How Two Moms are Helping Parents Survive Homeschooling During COVID-19

DeLise Bernard and Dericka Oddoye, the creators of Surviving Homeschool share their journey of creating a community of parents navigating the challenges of becoming “instant homeschoolers” due to COVID-19.   From the moment that their own lives changed to the quick and deeply thoughtful way they created this virtual “PTA”, which now has over 5000 members, you don’t want to miss this interview!

Dericka and DeLise provide some great practical tips including:  

  • How to create a schedule (and give your kids choice)
  • What to do to address the dreaded “I’m bored” (brilliant idea!)
  • How to help your kids be more self-sufficient using the “fend for yourself” technique
  • The best way to utilize online resources
  • The important of recognizing the emotional toll this has taken for kids

Additionally, DeLise and Dericka share their own personal realizations and during this time and how it’s helping them be kinder to themselves, recognize their own strengths, and be braver in a time when they’ve been called to serve others in such an important way.  
This conversation is a must listen!

You can find Surviving Homeschool on these platforms:




Surviving Homeschool Sports Clinic (Saturday, April 25)



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