How to Support Your Child on Their Educational Journey with Dr. Pamela Ellis

We all have dreams and goals for our children.   For many of us, college is one of those dreams. But, what should you do at each educational transition to help your child prepare?  What does the right amount of support look like? And, why have so many parents crossed the line into being too involved? 

In today’s podcast, Donielle has a great conversation with Dr. Pamela Ellis, also known as The Education Doctor®.   Dr. Pamela shares her own journey from being a leader in business to finding her passion helping students and parents successfully prepare for K-12 and college. 


Tune in to hear Dr. Pamela share: 

  • How she found her why  
  • The steps she took to transition from her business career to getting her doctorate in education, while raising 3 kids!  How to work backwards from your goal to help you achieve it!   
    • How she found support for her goals
    • The classic productivity book that Pamela re-reads every few years
    • How Pamela remains calm in the midst of a stressful work
  • 3 Ways that Pamela works with parents and students
    • Helping students understand their why, not just a particular school
    • Ensuring the students have the proper support in place (parents, school and coach)
    • Planning (the college planning roadmaps for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades)
  • As a parent, how do you decide what type of help you need? 
  • What are the skills your should be helping your child develop throughout their schooling, from elementary school to middle school to high school?
    • Academic
    • Social
    • Financial 
    • Vocational / Personal Development
  • The biggest mistakes that parents make along the journey
  • Resources: 


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