Are You About To Burnout?

Join me in an honest, funny and raw conversation with licensed therapist, Kelley Anne Bonner, as we talk about burnout.  Kelley shares what burnout is and how to recognize it.  We talk about why so many women are close to or already experiencing burnout, including the ways in which we try to address it by being more productive and just trying harder (hint: those don’t work!). 

In our conversation, Kelley shares her 3-step framework to help you get in alignment so that you can address your own burnout, or prevent it.

As two black women, we also discuss how COVID-19 and the racial climate in America are contributing to the collective exhaustion and risk of mental health challenges. 

This is an important and wonderful conversation that you should take time to listen to and share with someone who needs to hear it. 


Connect with Kelley:

Instagram: @letsburnbright


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