7 Lessons I've Learned in 3 Weeks At Home During Coronavirus

This is an unprecedented time for everyone.

In this episode, Donielle shares the lessons that she’s learned (so far) during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Tune in to hear the challenges, lessons learned, and practical advice to help you navigate working and teaching your kids at home, while trying to take care of yourself and everyone else!  It's honest and practical, just what you need during a time like this. 

Lesson 1: Lower Your Expectations (4:45)
Lesson 2: Have Some Fun (18:03)
Lesson 3: Create a Flexible Schedule (21:08)
Lesson 4: Don’t Forget About Your Spouse (28:53)
Lesson 5: Seek Resources, But Don’t Compare or Beat Yourself Up (32:45)
Lesson 6: Find A Way To Help (36:51)
Lesson 7: Take Care of Yourself (39:34)


Resources Mentioned in this episode: 


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