Are Your Expectations Hurting You?

Comparison to others and sky-high expectations about ourselves is often framed as a competitive motivational tool. However, it often results in self-criticism and discontent.  I see it in myself and in others that I coach and support. 

During COVID, if you have some semblance of financial stability or security during this time, the pressure to use this time for self-improvement, reflection, reading, self-care, etc. is rampant and dangerous. 

And, I am one of the people telling you to take care of yourself.  Telling you to find a way to engage with black and brown people in a meaningful way if you care about eliminating racism.  Last week, I told you about my coping mechanisms like audiobooks, exercise and even regular sex. 

And, yet, I am telling you right now to lower your expectations.  Your #1 goal in a pandemic is to survive with your health, both mental and physical, intact.   Your #1 goal is the health and safety of your family, to the extent that you have some control over your immediate household and what you do.   

Second, if you have a job, your #2 is to keep you job such that you can provide for yourself.

Listen to this episode as I outline 3 Steps to lowering your expectations in a way that actually promotes long-term success as the person you want to be. 

  1. Be clear about your priorities
  2. Identify your most important goal(s)
  3. IF you have margin, then begin to go down your goal list


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