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The Power of Peace

Peace is a word that gets thrown around often, but it can feel elusive and impossible to hold onto for more than a moment. 

In June 2019, I shared my personal testimony at the DuPage AME Women's Day Lunch in the Chicagoland area. ...

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My Favorite Tools and Apps for Making My Life Work!

Do you have favorite apps to help make your life "work" successfully?

Are you looking for recommendations or hacks to help your home run better, manage your money, have more time to think, or just find great new content?

In today's show, I share...

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Stop Feeling Guilty About Taking a Vacation!

Did you feel any anxiety as you checked your calendar to plan your family vacation?

Did you ask yourself if you should even be going?

What about that big project, client, case or customer?

Did you ask around on your team to see how much vacation...

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