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12 Lessons from 12 Years of Marriage: Lessons 4-6 (Part 3)

lessons love marriage sex Jan 17, 2019

 (photo credit: Lawrence Neeley)

In this series (4 episodes) I am sharing key lessons that I wish I had known when we first got married as well as some lessons that can only be learned along the way to building a healthy and strong and vibrant marriage.

In this episode, I focus on the following lessons: 

  • Lesson 6: Like is a feeling.  Love is an action. 
  • Lesson 5: It will be the things you don’t plan for that determine the success of your relationship
  • Lesson 4: Great sex is a by-product of a great marriage (not the other way around)

If you didn't listen to Part 1 or Part 2, with lessons 7-12, check them out:

  • Lesson 12: Change Yourself.  Don't try to change your husband. 
  • Lesson 11: Being vulnerable helps you be understood
  • Lesson 10: Cheerleading is a skill you must learn 
  • Lesson 9: You have to advocate for yourself.
  • Lesson 8: Kids are a gift from God, but shouldn’t be the center of your entire world
  • Lesson 7: My...
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